Fall 2020 : Term 1 : Course 2 : 10/31 - 11/21

Course 2 builds on Course 1 for students who have attended Course 1 

Course 1 is designed to be a gentle introduction to basic programming concepts such as algorithms, syntax, loops, and variables through the engaging and familiar experience of games. In each activity, students use computational thinking , robotics, story telling and computer programming to navigate the course. Whether they are into Digital arts , Robotics, Minecraft or simply enjoy any challenging computer game, in this course, they will apply their game planning and coding skills to build age and skill appropriate games. They build their worlds or levels, create narratives with characters, equip them with tools, weapons and powers to achieve game goals. And Yes! They will learn as they work on these projects and play these games!

Fall 2020 : Term 1 : Course 2 : 10/31 - 11/21

    • Thursdays : 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM 

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