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   Enroll in our Minecraft Club

      Subscription Fee : $100/month 

  • Secure multi-player Minecraft server with monitored access for children enrolled in our programs 

  • Unlike the Minecraft “Realms” server or the Minecraft education edition, our Minecraft server allows “Modding”, Multiverses and a wide variety of cool plug-ins

  • Club members can book up to 20 hours of onsite play time every month during open hours: 4 - 7 PM on a week day and 9 AM - 2 PM on Saturdays. Just call 1 day in advance to book your play time and drop your children off! 

  • Club members also have access to our Minecraft servers 24/7 using their computers and devices at home, playing only with other Club members 

Thanks for signing up.  We will be in touch with you soon!

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