Frequently asked questions

What will my child learn at Adventure Code Academy?

Adventure Code Academy teaches critical 21st century skills, including computer programming, critical thinking, and problem solving. Using our unique project oriented interest based approach, Kids learn fundamental skill, work on fun projects, help each other solve problems and show what they’ve been working on. They learn computational thinking by logically sequencing events, creating playable games, telling a good story, and modelling real situations. They also learn to build on activities that they or their peers do reinforcing the Imagine, create, play, share, reflect and refine approach critical for their development as problem solvers.

What are Adventure plans?

We believe that coding is an adventure and must be coached in an open, adaptive, construction based approach using personally meaningful activities and projects. Adventure plans are learning pathways that provide a progression map for the student to explore computational concepts through courses, tools and activities meaningful to them

What are the different enrollment options at Adventure Code Academy?

Adventure Code Academy has four distinct offerings with a variety of enrollment options. 1. Coaching Sessions - These are 1-1 coaching sessions for 1 Hour every week. This is our flagship offering designed to coach fundamental concepts to children based on their individual skill level, interest and pace. The sessions run at the same time every week on a schedule that works for the student and the coach. This approach also allows our students time to do self paced practice at home. The Coaching session enrollment is normally for a Course designed to be completed over Six Sessions. 2. Adventure Club - is an After-school club designed to provide your child an immersive creative learning experience while giving you a flexible, and cost-effective after-school care solution. The club runs from 3.00 PM till pickup at 6 PM and also includes tutoring support for home work in STEM subjects. Adventure Club monthly enrollment starts at 1 day per week. 3. Workshops - are focused 2-3 hr STEM themed activity such as Girl Scout Badges, Birthday parties, Socials, Team building and Family creative learning nights. They are booked on a per person workshop basis and are offered with a variety of catering and activity options. 4. Camps - are all day camps offered during school breaks in spring, summer and winter. The Camps are offered in various age and Skill appropriate themes with activities covering 1,2,3 or 5 days. All camps allow 8 AM early drop off and 6 PM late pickups . Snacks and meals are served. Camps are priced on a per day basis

Do you offer discounts for siblings?

Yes! We offer discounts for siblings.

How do I know my child is learning?

We automatically track your child’s achievements as they work through the courses and activities. We organize regular demo days and jam sessions after major milestones where they will demo to you their projects and the concepts they have learned.

My child has no prior experience with coding. Do you think he/she can attend the camps without feeling overwhelmed?

Absolutely. We don’t require any coding experience to start in our camps. All camps include a foundational session to help kids understand the concepts. Since, our learning methodology is project, passion, play and peer based. Your kid will work on activities that they love and learn to share, collaborate and get ideas from their peers.

Will my child get enough computer time?

Yes. In our project centered and construction oriented approach, the lessons are not taught on a white board. Our students learn by doing and will be on their computers all the time

If I sign-up my child for this camp, is lunch included?

Yes. All of our camps include 2 snacks and a Lunch but children are more than welcome to get home food if they prefer

Can I give an enrollment as a gift?

Yes, you can gift an enrollment as a gift. You will be charged the entire amount upfront and the subscription will not renew.

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