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Join us for a FREE CLASS to experience our creative learning approach and see why we will make a remarkable difference in your child's attitude towards STEAM

Your coding adventures

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our hard fun approach

Adaptive and Hands-on

We are turning the traditional instruction oriented approach on it's head!  Our  adaptive individualized  coaching approach is focused around your child's passion.  They will not just learn to code in a fun, safe, and inspiring creative learning environment, they will love the way they learn here

project based

Our unique project-based approach helps children express themselves, while helping to evolve their ideas into tangible outcomes. They learn how to break complex problems into simpler parts

play oriented

We don't constrain creativity with structured predefined curriculum. We challenge our students to constantly imagine new projects and improve by sharing ideas with one another

passion centered

We coach students to recognize, trust, develop, and deepen their own interests and talents. We integrate projects and activities that are personally meaningful to them

peer learning

We have designed our center to tightly integrate thinking with doing. Through our collaborative peer based approach, we make it easy for our students to learn with and from one another

What we coach

Web design, App design, Game design, 3D printing and Robotics  

We use a project based approach to integrate making and coding concepts in all these areas. All of our projects are designed to support beginners to get started easily and experts to work on increasingly sophisticated concepts. We always ensure

  • Individualized coaching based on each student’s passion and interest  

  • Unlimited access to our content, tools and coaches for self-directed practice

  • Continuous feedback to students and parents on the progress

What OUR parents and students say


 The summer camp tested my creativity and left me hungry to come back at the end of the five days. I highly recommend taking the summer camp at Adventure Code Academy, and thank them for showing me what I wouldn't have learnt elsewhere. 

I really enjoy going  to Adventure Code Academy. Adventure Code Academy helps me expand my knowledge in Coding, 3D-Printing and Robotics. I think it is a wonderful place to go for coding camp and other camps as well

This program is a huge investment in your child!! My son loves coming here, he has learned so much. Every week he looks forward to his session. Thank you for shaping his mind.

My kids LOVED spending time here- what an interesting, unique, and fun place! Learning while playing- fantastic idea. There’s nothing like it in the North Shore. The staff are all knowledgeable and kind- they are awesome with kids. We will definitely be back!

Can not believe how much my grandson loved this place. He talked about how much he enjoyed his experience nonstop!

Anbu, Student

Medha, Student

Dianne, Parent

Alida, Parent

Toby, Grandma




Tel. 978-620-0146

Tel. 978-703-7890




3 Summer Street, 

Chelmsford, MA 01824


Monday - Friday    4PM - 7PM

               Saturday   10AM - 3PM


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