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Flexible and cost effective after-school programs 

Our after-school programs are the perfect choice for parents of elementary and middle school children who want to ensure 21st century computational thinking skills are part of their child’s educational development and are looking for an enriching after-school solution. All of our programs use our unique project based approach to integrate concepts in Coding, Web-design, App-design, Game-design, 3D printing and Robotics into an immersive creative learning experience for your children while giving you a flexible, and cost effective after-school care solution

The After-school programs are offered through 2 different plans – Adaptive Coaching and  Adventure Club


Adaptive Coaching

Coaching Sessions run once a week, at the same time every week on a schedule that works for you. Since, every Child is different in terms of their talent, aptitude and interests; We create a personalized learning plan with the appropriate courses from coding, web design, app design, game design, 3D printing and robotics that are centered around the things they are passionate about, and then methodically progress at the pace that works best for them. Adaptive Coaching includes 

  • Upto 2 hours per session 

  • Personalized learning plan 

  • Assignments for self practice at home

  • Individual pace 

Monthly Tuition: $160


Adventure Club

Adventure Club Sessions are offered at schools as a course of 4 - 6 Sessions. The sessions run once a week on the designated days at the specific school.  The courses are designed to be a gentle introduction to basic programming concepts, such as algorithms, syntax, loops, and variables, through the engaging and familiar experience of a game. In each activity, students use computational thinking , robotics, story telling and computer programming to navigate the course. Use the links below to view the school specific schedules

How does adaptive coaching work?

Our learning plans use a project based approach to provide an immersive learning experience that is calibrated to the age, skill and interest of every student. Every activity in the project whether it is building, designing or coding are all kept age, skill and interest appropriate.  As they work through the project, they are coached based on their progress and understanding 




Calibrate Skills, Ability & Interest 

Every student goes through a refresher coding foundational curriculum in their initial coaching sessions

Chart out a Learning Plan 

We plan projects based on our assessment of their skills and interest during these initial sessions 

Methodically progress on plan 

We coach them through their projects challenging them and making course adjustments as needed

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