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After School Adventure Club

Perfect choice for parents who want to ensure 21st century skills are part of their child’s educational development and are looking for an enriching after-school solution. Program includes time for school STEM homework supported by our mentors and is designed to make a real difference in your child’s performance at school and confidence level, even as they learn computational skills at our center. 

  • Time for school STEM homework supported by our mentors

  • Individual project work, where the children continue to work on their Adventure projects in Coding, Web Design, App Design, Game Design, 3D Printing or Robotics

  • Group project work, where the children work in a team on a group project for the day

  • Break and Snack times

Be sure to ask us about pick-up from school options

Monthly Tuition Fee: $200 for 1 day a week, $250 for 2 Days a week, $300 for 3 Days a Week, $350 for 4 Days a Week, $400 for 5 days a week 

Select after school days:

Thanks for registering! We will be in touch soon!

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