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Our Values 

We emphasize construction rather than instruction to create an environment that sparks and sustains a child’s motivation to learn coding. We believe that learning is an active process, in which children actively build knowledge through their experiences and that children learn effectively when they are engaged in building personally meaningful products. 

We believe in low floor, high ceiling and wide wall learning approach. We make it really easy for beginners to get started (low floor) and then seamlessly progress them to work on increasingly sophisticated projects (high ceiling) over time. Our Adventure plans provide ways for students to freely explore different ideas (wide walls) with projects and activities that are personally meaningful to them.

We promote imaginative and open-ended tinkering in our adventures. In our coding classes for kids and summer camps, we emphasize experimentation over outcomes and provide every student the freedom to work on projects that they care about. We encourage divergent thinking with peer engagement and mentor them to think about alternative solutions. We help them step back to reflect on the project and the outcomes. For us, all of these unique elements we incorporate in our learning programs is every bit important as the computational ideas and programming concepts coached here.

how they learn

Our Learning Pathways

Our learning pathways use tools and techniques that complement the low floor, high ceiling and wide walls approach. All of the tools we use are all freely available for our students to continue practicing at home. We first introduce our young learners to foundational computing concepts using block coding in Scratch and Blockly. We then methodically progress them through programming languages like python, javascript, Java and C

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We start with learning web site fundamentals using simple drag and drop site-builders like Google sites and Weebly. We methodically progress to extending these sites with multi-media content, HTML5, CSS and Javascipt


We start with learning App design fundamentals using MIT App Inventor and Swift Playground. We methodically progress to extending and publishing Apps for both Android and IOS devices using  Java and Xcode 


We start with learning Game design fundamentals using Scratch.  We then learn to build out web based Games using Python and Javascript.  We methodically progress to creating and publishing Minecraft mods in Java


We start with learning 3D modeling fundamentals using Tinkercad. We then learn about slicing the models for 3D printing. We methodically progress to more advanced 3D projects and tools such as Solidworks, Autocad meshmixer,   Blender and Maya


We start with learning about simple machines. We then learn to program simpler Robots – LEGO WeDo, Sphero and Ozobots. We methodically progress to more advanced Robotics projects using DIY kits, Arduino Boards, Lego Mindstorm EV3 and Vex

what they have done 

Student Project Showcase